We, Hominids (New!)

Sold to Italy, Sweden, Poland, France

Who are we? 'A roving philosophical field trip' (Dutch Foundation for Literature). 'This is Sapiens behind the scenes: exciting, shocking and real' (top scientist José Joordens, Naturalis)



A Word a Word

Rights sold to Germany, Italy, France and Egypt

'The pen is mightier than the word.' Is that actually true? What can the word achieve against the bullet?

German translation to be launched at the Frankfurt Bookfair (Oct 19).



Choke Valley

Rights sold: France, Sweden, Italy, Spain and Croatia

4 printruns within 6 weeks. Choke Valley - on the origin of stories in the death valley of Western Africa, where humans and animals died en mass overnight in August 1986.

El Negro and me

Translated into German, French, Spanish...

Travel report on race, culture and identity - a long the lines of a stuffed black man in a Spanish museum - El Negro. Awarded the Golden Owl Literature Prize 2005.


Translated into ten languages

A pilgrimage by a non-believer. In "Ararat" Frank Westerman undertakes a journey along the fault-line between religion and science, mythology and geology.

Engineers of the Soul

Travel Book of the Year 2010 - The Sunday Times

'Engineers of the Soul' is the riveting story of two journeys - one literal, one imaginary - through contemporary Russia and through Soviet-era literature.

De graanrepubliek

New (31st) edition. Translated into German

New edition of Franks modern classic 'De graanrepubliek' (The Republic of Grain): the story of the twentieth century, situated in the grimmest part of the Netherlands.

Brother Mendel's Perfect Horse

Translated into ten languages

Brother Mendel's Perfect Horse, an engrossing fusion of history and travel writing, is a modern fable in which the pureblood horse ends up revealing man's own shortcomings.

'Larski slaat alarm' in Danish

The bitterly cold and exciting children's book, 'Larski slaat alarm', written by Frank and his ten-year-old daughter Vera, will be published in a Danish version. (8+, illustrations: Martijn van der Linden).

Foreign Rights

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