We, Hominids

'This is Sapiens behind the scenes: exciting, shocking and real' - top scientist José Joordens, Naturalis.

The Dutch Foundation for Literature: 'In We, Hominids, Frank Westerman hunts down answers to one of anthropology’s most fundamental questions: Who are we? Using an ancient skull as ingress, traversing the globe, excavating the history of humankind and holding up evidence to the light, this investigation is a compelling mixture of reportage, travelogue and essay. [...]

Any description of who we are and where we come from is coloured by the zeitgeist. The constantly changing theories of human evolution show that we are doomed to continuously review what we think we know. Still, Westerman emphasizes the importance of hard facts: ‘The facts cling to me and I cling to the facts. I will continue to pick them up, turn them around and illuminate them with the headlamp of my imagination.’

10.000 copies sold in two month. Dozens of excellent reviews. Already nominated for the Socrates-cup (best philosophical book of the year).


Luxury paperback with flaps. 288 pages, 70.000 words, 3 maps.


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