New editions
Polish, Afrikaans

El Negro and I

Franks book 'El Negro and I' will have two more editions: in Polish, and Afrikaans (which brings the number of translations for this title to 9). Internationally, Frank will take part in the festivals of Sarzana (Italy), Morges (France) and Göteborg (all in september).
Choke Valley
Rights sold to Sweden, France, Italy, Spain and Croatia

On the origin of stories

Franks new book - 'Choke Valley, on the origin of stories' - is shortlisted for the AKO literature prize 2014 ('Dutch Bookerprize'). It's in its 5th print run in less than a year. Click for details and foreign rights.

Choke Valley: Shortlisted for AKO Literatureprize ('Dutch Bookerprize')!

Shortlisted for the AKO 'best literary book of the year'-prize 2014. ‘Terrifyingly exciting. A masterly book. Frank Westerman is lord and master of non-fiction.’ - DWDD. ‘Choke Valley is the seventh jewel in Frank Westerman’s crown; a great European author.’ - Volkskrant. ‘Each and every one of the stories Westerman digs up is brilliant. Choke Valley is a real success. Enthusiasm is paramount’ - NRC. 'Non-fiction that does not need the qualification ‘literary’ for it to be considered ‘impressive’ - Parool.

Just released


Publishing House Gendai Shokan has just released Ararat in Japanese. The translation is by Yuichi Shimomura, who also translated 'El Negro and I'. 'Brother Mendel's Perfect Horse' will follow in 2014.
over 40 editions

Frank's books in 15 languages

To date, Frank's books have been translated into Armenian, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Estonian, Danish, German, French, English, Italian, Hungarian, Japanese, Polish, Slovenian and Swedish.
filming has started in early 2014

Brother Mendel's Perfect Horse

A documentary is being made based on Frank's book 'Brother Mendel's Perfect Horse'. Director: Hans Fels. Producer: Pieter van Huystee. First shooting days in Spring 2014.

May 2014: Hungarian edition of Brother Mendel's Perfect Horse

Helikon Publishers in Budapest is about to release 'Lipicai - A legenda' - the Hungarian translation of Brother Mendel's Perefect Horse. Frank will present this bestelling book (available in over ten languages) in Budapest at the Cafe Amsterdam Festival on May 30 and 31 at the Brody Studios Theatre.