A Word a Word
Rights sold: Germany, Italy

Volkskrant: 'Masterpiece'

'The pen is mightier than the sword.' Is that actually true? Frank Westerman tests the strength of the free word under the weight of present-day terrorism since Charlie Hebdo. #2 in TOP 5 favorites in autumn 2016 B├╝cher Magazin special Frankfurt Book Fair Edition.

50th translation! Eve of Frankfurt: French, German, Italian rights sold

Translation rights for 'A Word a Word', Franks latest book on language and terror are sold to Germany and Italy and France. The total number of translations of Franks work have reached 50. Links Verlag in Berlin will present the German edition on the Frankfurt Bookfair. Iperborea will take care of the Italian translation. Bourgois the French one. 'A Word a Word' is Franks sixth title in Germany and his fifth in Italy and France.

Choke Valley
Rights sold to Sweden, France, Italy, Spain, Poland and Croatia

On the origin of stories

Franks 'Choke Valley, on the origin of stories' - shortlisted for the AKO literature prize ('Dutch Bookerprize') - is getting raving reviews in France, Italy and Sweden. It's in its 6th print run, 35.000 copies sold. Click for details and foreign rights.
Just released


Publishing House Gendai Shokan has just released Ararat in Japanese. The translation is by Yuichi Shimomura, who also translated 'El Negro and I'. 'Brother Mendel's Perfect Horse' will follow in 2014.
over 40 editions

Frank's books in 15 languages

To date, Frank's books have been translated into Armenian, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Estonian, Danish, German, French, English, Italian, Hungarian, Japanese, Polish, Slovenian and Swedish.
'Perfect Horse'

Brother Mendel's Perfect Horse

A documentary has been made based on Franks book 'Brother Mendel's Perfect Horse'. Director: Hans Fels. Producer: Pieter van Huystee. Released in October 2015.

Autumn 2015: Italian, French and Swedish editions of Choke Valley

Frank has presented the Italian translation of Choke Valley in both Milano and Sarzana (Festival della Mente) on 3 and 4 September, the French one on September 5 in Morgues (near Geneva) and the Swedish edition on two occasions at the Gothenburg Bookfair on September 25 and 26. The Polish edition of 'El Negro and I' will be launched in Warsaw, October 19th.