Larski slaat alarm

Querido Children's book 8+

Imagine you're on an island and the sea around you freezes over.

It happens to Edwin and Adinde on Schiermonnikoog. Even the ferry gets stuck in the ice!

To begin with it seems like fun: building an igloo together and not having to go back to school. But then it gets colder and colder and the food supplies on the island start to run low...

When sledging of the dunes they discover a lost arctic dog, Larski. The little dog knows, smells and feels: this isn't just any ordinary cold, this is a dangerous cold! Larski has courageous plan...

Frank Westerman wrote this winterly story together with his ten-year-old daughter Vera, after a cold Christmas holiday on Schiermonnikoog. With beautiful illustrations by Martijn van der Linden.

'Larski slaat alarm' in Danish

This super exciting children's book, written by Frank and his daughter Vera (2002), will also be published in Danish. It was translated by Naja Møllmann-Ibsen.


The authors

Nomination Hotze de Roos Prize

'Larski slat alarm' has been nominated for the Hotze de Roos Prize for Youth Literature 2013, named after the author of the 'Kameleon' series.